I was watching a German movie dubbed in Russian with Romanian subtitles. It started to mess with my head so I walked away.

I was watching the news in Romanian. I understood every 10th word. Then the weather girl came on. She’s my favorite because I understood everything she said – all numbers!

Our language teacher gave us several survival phrases in Russian. She started writing them in Russian. This was no use since I can’t read Cyrillic. So she wrote the phonetic pronunciation but using Romanian phonetics. The English word written in Russian with Romanian phonetics. Surprisingly, I followed it just fine.

At my site visit to Telenești, the computer default was Russian. Luckily the buttons are in the same place. I tried to look up something, but the default search was also Russian. So I went to Google Translate. This default was also in Russian. It took some trial and error, but I finally found the Russian for English and Romanian.